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Egyptian Gulf Company

The First Egyptian Gulf Company 

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  • Providing all supply services for plastic raw materials to companies and factories specialized in the manufacture of plastics and polymers

  • (Polyethylene - polypropylene - polystyrene - PVC - soda ash - rock phosphate)

  • All the work provided by the company is characterized by the application of quality principles and standards to provide professional-level services that contribute to developing the work and contributing to increasing the client’s capabilities and resources.

  • Design and implementation of all contracting works, as the company has a distinguished work team of engineers, surveyors, technicians, and workers trained in the latest systems in the field of construction.

  • Supplying prevention tasks and equipment for occupational safety and health, as the company supplies primary raw materials, and this is because the company has established protocols for dealing with various petroleum, petrochemical, iron, steel, and mining companies.

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