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Egyptian Gulf Company

The First Egyptian Gulf Company 

who are we

The first Egyptian Gulf company was established under the name of Al-Ittihad Contracting Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1998. The Union Medical Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in Al-Qassim in 2008 in partnership between the investor, Dr. Issam Hassan and Professor Habes Marzouq Al-Mutairi. Then the company expanded into the field of plastics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after which the first Egyptian Gulf company was established in 2021 in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the field of plastics, polymers, petrochemicals and fertilizers.

Our goal

For our company to become pioneers in the field of promoting and marketing chemical and petrochemical raw materials and supplying them to provide raw materials for many plastic industries and other outlets throughout the Republic and abroad.

Our vision

Contributing to developing the field of petrochemicals and polymers and increasing the domestic product in all areas of the polymer industry.

Our company consists of experiences in the field of industrial services


General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Essam Hassan Saleh.

Director of the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department: Mr. Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed

Sales Department Manager: Engineer Mohamed Magdy Mohamed

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